couple therapy

Couple Therapy

We continuously strive to understand and work through our experiences and feelings. Doing so affects all of our relationships and the way we relate. It is at its most salient in intimate adult couple relationships. The formative past experiences of each individual contribute to the way the couple relate to one another and shape the development, strength and needs of the couple.

Couple therapy puts the relationship at the heart of therapy. It utilises a broad analytical approach, focusing specifically on the conscious and unconscious conflicts and anxieties of each party and how the interplay between them interact to create a unique connection between two people.

In Therapy

We will initially focus on the influence of the past and examine how childhood experiences, perceptions and interpretations of the world has shaped the current relationship. We will look at making sense of unresolved early conflicts that challenge the dynamic nature of the relationship in the present. Looking to the future, we will explore the relationship’s potential for development.

CBT tools and techniques may be suggested where appropriate, for more collaborative problem-focused therapy.

First Assessment

The first few sessions will comprise of formulating a shared understanding of the relationship problems, checking suitability for treatment, including a risk assessment, and exploring both partners fears about the relationship and their life together.

I will suggest an initial block of regular weekly or fortnightly sessions to provide a structured framework for the therapeutic process.

“One’s not half of two; two are halves of one.”
E.E. Cummings